Jan Krugier was born in Poland. After the II World War he studied painting at the School of Industrial Arts in Zürich, before deciding to pursue a career in the modern art market on the advice of his friend Alberto Giacometti. Krugier opened a gallery in Geneva, followed by another one in New York.

The present exhibition includes two hundred works on paper which have been chosen in order to provide the visitor with an idea of the particular character of the collection. The first section of the exhibition is devoted to Italian and French Renaissance, Baroque and Rococo drawings. Works by artists such as Benozzo Gozzoli, Fra Bartolommeo, Bronzino, Tintoretto, Veronese, the Carracci and Giambattista Tiepolo, as well as Poussin, Claude Lorraine, Watteau and François Boucher, form one of the most substancial groups of drawings in the exhibition, together with a carefully-chosen selection of sheets by northern artists including Rembrandt. Goya, whose art opens the way to the modern era, is represented by four drawings. .

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