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Sargent and Sorolla: late Figure Painting

It is in the last years of their careers that we see the greatest affinity between the two artists. Comparisons in this section between works such as Two Girls in white by Sargent and The Siesta by Sorolla reveal how close they were with regard to subjectmatter in these most personal and individual compositions.
Two Girls in White Dresses
John Singer Sargent
Two Girls in White Dresses, c. 1909-1911
Oil on canvas. 69.9 x 54.6 cm
Private Collection
The Nap
Joaquín Sorolla
The Nap, 1911
Oil on canvas. 200 x 201 cm
Museo Sorolla, Madrid
The Pink Robe
Joaquín Sorolla
The Pink Robe, 1916
Oil on canvas. 208 x 126.5 cm
Museo Sorolla, Madrid