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Sargent’s Watercolours

Sargent is regarded as an outstanding watercolourist. Even more than in his paintings, the dazzling virtuosity of his watercolours reveals his interest in effects of light. This section brings together a sizeable group of watercolours dating from the first two decades of the 20th century.
Bed of a Glacier Torrent
John Singer Sargent
Bed of a Glacier Torrent, 1904-1905
Watercolour on paper. 35.5 x 50.7 cm
Trustees of the Royal Watercolour Society, London
John Singer Sargent
Palmettos, 1917
Watercolour on paper. 71 x 57 cm
Private Collection
Tommies Bathing
John Singer Sargent
Tommies Bathing, 1918
Watercolour on paper. 33.9 x 53.1 cm
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
Man and Pool in Florida
John Singer Sargent
Man and Pool in Florida, 1917
Watercolour on paper. 34,8 x 53,3 cm
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York