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The World of Artists
Pride and Melancholy: an image of the German artist

The first room of the exhibition analyses the status of the artist in society and his immediate environment. It includes portraits and self-portraits such as those by Israel van Meckenem and Dürer. The latter panel is a highly sophisticated and elegant work which presents a proud and aristocratic image of the artist. This room also includes Dürer's three so-called "Master Prints" which are considered his greatest intellectual legacy. Melancholy, one of the four temperaments, was linked in contemporary humanist circles to the idea of artistic creation. Also on display in this room is a painting by Lucas Cranach the Elder, again with the title of Melancholy.
Self-Portrait with the Artist's Wife

Israel van Meckenem, the Younger
Self-Portrait with the Artist's Wife
Engraving. 132 x 178 mm
Münster, LWL-Landesmuseum für Kunst und Kulturgeschichte

Albrecht Dürer
Self-Portrait, 1498
Oil on panel. 52 x 41 cm
Madrid, Museo Nacional del Prado

Albrecht Dürer
Melencolia, 1514
Engraving. 239 x 185 mm
Amsterdam, Rijksmuseum, Rijkspretendenkabinet
Knight, Death and Devil

Albrecht Dürer
Knight, Death and Devil, 1513
Engraving. 246 x 188 mm
Amsterdam, Rijksmuseum, Rijkspretendenkabinet

Lucas Cranach, the Elder
Melancholy, 1532
Oil on panel. 51 x 97 cm
Copenhaguen, Statens Museum for Kunst