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Fourth room
The Last Series

At the end of June 1890, Van Gogh started to use a new canvas format measuring 50 x 100 cm. Between June and July he painted a cycle of thirteen paintings (twelve landscapes and a portrait) using this shape of canvas. Most were devoted to the wheat fields around Auvers but he also painted other aspects of the rural scene such as the old thatched cottages and new houses, a garden, a wood, a path at dusk, and hills under the rain. The result was an entire panorama of rural life. The present exhibition includes three paintings from this series: Landscape at Twilight, Daubigny's Garden and Undergrowth with Two Figures, all of which are particularly imbued with symbolic resonances.
Landscape at Twilight

Vincent van Gogh
Landscape at Twilight,, 1890
Oil on canvas. 50 x 100 cm.
Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam
(Vincent van Gogh Foundation)
F 770 JH 2040
Daubigny's Garden

Vincent van Gogh
Daubigny's Garden, 1890
Oil on canvas. 56 x 101,5 cm.
Rudolf Staechelin Collection
on deposit in Kunstmuseum Basel
F 777 JH 2105