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The last section of the exhibition brings together a group of sculptures and paintings that share the common feature of being explicit denunciations of war. A wide variety of artists are represented: Lehmbruck, Rouault, Vallotton, Nash, Friesz and Permeke, among numerous others. The majority are works produced from exile and all express a notably anti-war sentiment. This section takes its title from that of the famous album of anti-war prints by Félix Vallotton, who is represented by two of his most important paintings. As a consequence of the war, “all human acts in every sphere have changed” Vallotton wrote in 1917. The group of masterpieces included in this section are the consequence of their creators’ ascetic and compassionate gaze on humanity, changed and defeated by the conflict. This section marks the end of a survey of avant-garde art associated with the war, an art that acknowledged the tragedy of its own destiny and which was profoundly changed by the events that took place.