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Sala 1

The light of southern France reflected on the sea illuminates empty rooms or ones occupied by distant female figures at rest. As in Vermeer’s paintings the prevailing motif is in fact the window, which had been considered a paradigm of painting by artists since the Renaissance. In addition to windows these compositions include references to music that emphasise Matisse’s reflection on the nature of his work.

Women in a couch o The Divan
Interior with a Violin Case

Interior in Nice

Henri Matisse
Interior with a Violin, 1917–18
(Intérieur au violon)
Oil on canvas. 116 x 89 cm
Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen.
J. Rump Collection
Henri Matisse
Women in a couch o The Divan, 1921
(Femmes au canapé ou Le Divan)
Oil on canvas. 92 x 73 cm
Musée national de l'Orangerie, Paris.
Collection Jean Walter and Paul Guillaume
© Succession H. Matisse / VEGAP 2009
Interior with a Violin
Henri Matisse
Interior with a Violin Case, 1918–19
(Intérieur à la boîte à violon)
Oil on canvas. 73 x 60 cm
The Museum of Modern Art, New York.
Lillie P. Bliss Collection, 1934
Henri Matisse
Interior in Nice, c. 1919
(Intérieur à Nice)
Oil on canvas. 66,7 x 54,9 cm
Saint Louis Art Museum, Purchase