Architectural Paintings

Architecture as a stage (Room 1)

La Presentación de la Virgen en el templo

Sano di Pietro (Siena, 1405-1481) Presentation of the Virgin at the Temple

Tempera on panel. 31.5 x 47.5 cm
Vatican City, Vatican museums; inv. 40136

Architecture as an aid to understanding a scene and its human subjects is just one of the lessons to be drawn from Christ and the Samaritan Woman, a painting by one of the great innovators: Duccio. These settings, sometimes full of anecdote, portray specific details of real buildings, as in Olivuccio di Ciccarello’s church, or help distinguish the main theme from other secondary subjects; they can also be the cornerstone of spatial organisation or a perfect pretext for showing various religious episodes under the same roof, framed in a novel manner.

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