Architectural Paintings

Architecture of imagination and fantasy (Room 6)

Of the Northern European artists who cultivated the genre of imaginary architecture, Hans Vredeman de Vries was notable for creating a series of widely disseminated repertories of images; among his most direct followers was his son Paul and, later on, Francisco Gutiérrez. François de Nomé features ruins and buildings from different periods—Classical, Gothic, Renaissance—in his imaginary urban landscapes in order to convey from his particular approach a fanciful vision of an oppressive, unreal world which some authors have linked to the surrealist movement.

Arquitectura fantástica con personajes

Hans Vredeman de Vries (Leeuwarden, 1527-Antwerp (?), 1606) Architectural Capriccio with figures

Oil on panel
84.5 x 118.5 cm
Bilbao, Museum of Fine Arts; inv. 89/131

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Caja Madrid Museo Thyssen Bornemisza