Architectural Paintings

The modern city as a metaphor for power (room 8)

One of the multiple readings drawn from paintings of architecture and a reason why clients commissioned them was the fact that in their hands they became a perfect vehicle, in the right contexts, for disseminating and enhancing their power and greatness—an instrument which was used by both civil society and the Church to announce and spread their magnificence. The city of Rome thus once again became an excellent means of conveying authority and wealth. Another of the urban images associated with power is viceregal Naples, which was captured for posterity by Didier Barra, Domenico Gargiulo and Angelo-Maria Costa.

Exterior de San Pedro, Roma

Viviano Codazzi (Bergamo, c. 1604-Rome, 1670) St. Peter's, Rome

c. 1636
Oil on canvas
168 x 220 cm
Madrid, Museo Nacional del Prado; inv. P00510

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